The FTBO isn't about the money, because the bragging rights are far more valuable...
But it's always fun to have a few bucks on the line.  So...
Each golfer puts $100 into the pot for the trip.
From there, several pre-determined pots are available to be won...
This is designed to spread out the cash, and make each day fun.
For the Cash...

All games are played under Match Play rules, where the result of each game is determined by the number of holes won. The order of play for the first two days is "Fourball" (described hereafter). The final day's play will be in Singles format.
** Please note that even though match play rules are in force, there are low net prizes so please play out all holes to their conclusion.


"Fourball" play is a match in which each member of the two-man teams plays their own ball. Four balls are in play per hole with each of the four players competing. The team whose player has the lowest net score on that hole wins the hole.
Should players from each team tie for the best net score, the hole is halved.

"Singles" is a match in which one player competes against another player. A player wins the match when he is up by more holes than there are holes remaining to play. 
Day Game Breakdown  Payouts Total Pot
Day 1 Skins $50 to Winner of each foursome $50 x 5 $250
Blind Calcutta Each guy pulls a horse out of the hat.
That horse has 4 chances to put you in the money.
1st = $50
6th = $50
10th = $50
15th = $50
19th = $50 
Ryder Cup Begins
Day 2 Ryder Cup:
Fourball Matches
(2 vs 2)

Lowest net score on hole wins hole for their team.
Win the most holes, win your match

Day 3 Ryder Cup:
Singles Matches
(1 vs 1)
Lowest net score on hole wins hole.
Win the most holes, win your match 
 $50/match $500
Ryder Cup:
Overall Team Winner
The first team to earn 8 points wins the Ryder Cup $50/person $500
Each day, the golfer with the lowest Handicap Adjusted Net Score is deemed the "Day Winner" and gets his name embroidered on the FTBO Jacket.
The Overall winner also gets his name on the Jacket.
But other than the dubious honor of being ON the Jacket...  Somebody also has to WEAR the Jacket each night!  Oh yeah.. and the kilt too... Did we mention the kilt?
Day Who wears the Jacket & Kilt?
Friday 18-Hole Leader
Saturday 36-Hole Leader
Sunday Overall Winner after 54 holes.

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Division 1
No Games Scheduled

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